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Stark Labor: works by Zoe Sheehan Saldaņa
Nobody but You: on Jen Nugent's book "Nobody"

reading list
kathy weeks: the problem with work: feminism, marxism, and antiwork politics
jan verwoert exhaustion and exuberance
jan verwoert: exhaustion and exuberance
lauren berlant: cruel optimism
sara ahmed: cultural politics of emotion
frances stark: Collected Writings 1993-2003
frances stark:this could become a gimick (sic) or an honest articulation of the workings of the mind
jimmie durham: waiting to be interrupted selected writings 1993-2012
jan verwoert: cookie!
lauren berlant, lee edelman: sex or the unbearable
lauren berlant: cruel optimism
ann lauterbach: the night sky
paulo freire: pedagogy of the oppressed
the affect theory reader
john roberts: the intangibilities of form
jack halberstam: gaga feminism
judith halberstam: the queer art of failure
jen nugent: nobody book

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